Truths, Thoughts & Thanks


  • Drove over 12,000 miles in 5 months

  • Made over 41,000 telephone calls

  • Installed 300 signs across 13 counties in District 7

  • Mailed 222,000 pieces of mail

  • Attended 120 community events and 4 education conferences

  • Listened


  • The purpose of public education is to prepare citizens to become economically self-reliant.

  • A first-class public education system is essential to Texas’ growing population and economy.

  • Luke 18:9-14 The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector
    14 “...For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”
  • Thanks

  • To all those who believe personal agendas have no place in Texas public education

  • For all who stepped right back into campaign mode

  • To so many elected officials who wanted their vision of high school education carried forward

  • To all who made phone calls, forwarded e-mails, shared postings and made comments on Facebook

  • For the best volunteers and staff (Kim, Rachel, Macy, Kat,Tyneil, Mark, and Jim) from any campaign across Texas

  • To my supportive husband, Richard, daughters Angelena and Gina and the rest of my very large extended family

  • Political Ad Paid for by The Rita Ashley Campaign, PO Box 21705 Beaumont, TX 77720-9915